21.06.2016 09:59 Age: 3 yrs
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Date: 2016-06-21 to 2016-06-24

Type: Trade Fair (Hall B4 | Booth 402)

Venue: Munich, Germany




LIAA Demonstrator:

As part of the EU project »LIAA«, Fraunhofer IPA has developed an assembly workplace where the worker and the robot can work together to rivet parts together. With the aid of a new software tool, the safety measures necessary for man-robot collaboration, as well as the resulting influences on the cost-effectiveness of the workplace, can be ascertained systematically.


ROBO-PARTNER Demonstrator:

The latest trends in EU manufacturing foster the co-existence of humans and robots under a collaborative environment, sharing both workplaces and tasks, in order make the most out of the synergy effect. The exhibit demonstrates the results of the ROBO-PARTNER EU project which aspires to combine robot strength, velocity, precision and computational power with human capabilities, intelligence and skills, establishing a common working environment with reduced physical and cognitive load for the operators. 


FourByThree Demonstrator:

FourByThree, aims at developing modular industrial robotic solutions that are suitable for efficient task execution in collaboration with humans in a safe way and are easy to use and program by the factory worker.

The vision is that System integrators or end-users can create their own custom robot according to their application needs (“kit” of hardware and software components). The results include the hardware elements and software components for controlling and programing the robot, as well as different interacting mechanisms.

In the exhibit, it will be presented the first hardware kit and a 5 DoF robotic arm created out of this modular components. Based on this concept, four new arms with different kinematics will be built and validate in four Industrial scenarios in the coming months.