14.03.2014 08:30 Age: 5 yrs
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Workshop "Hybrid Production Systems"


Date: 2014-03-14

Type: Conference

Venue: European Robotics Forum 2014 at Rovereto, Italy



LIAA, FiaD and ROBO-Partner will hold a joined Workshop regarding “Hybrid Production Systems” at the European Robotics Forum 2014.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • to inform the community about the research and technical objectives of the three projects: LIAA (www.project-leanautomation.eu), FiaD (www.factory-in-a-day.eu) and ROBO-PARTNER (www.robo-partner.eu);
  • to open a dialogue between the projects, as well as between the projects and the community about the methodologies, technologies and platforms used and the results to be developed;
  • to explore possible synergy effects between the projects and other on-going research / technology developments, standardization efforts;
  • and to discuss the compatibility of the solutions to be developed by the projects with regard to each other as well to other technologies on the market.







Martijn Wisse (TU Delft)


Martin Naumann (Fraunhofer IPA)
“Lean Intelligent Assembly Automation”


George Michalos (LMS-University of Patras)


Nils, Andersson (EON Devlopment AB)
“Efficient use of Augmented Reality in Assembly Automation”


Ramez Awad (Fraunhofer IPA)
“Design of Hybrid Workplace: Safety Concepts, metrics and design methodology”


Anders Billesø Beck (DTI)
”A Hardware independent framework for robot programming using device services and skill-based instruction”


Martijn Wisse (TU Delft)
”ROS Industrial”


Discussion round

At the end of the workshop the participants will be asked to fill out a prepared questionnaire documenting their impressions and opinions of the presented approaches and technologies, highlighting agreement/ criticism/ industrial relevance/ unconsidered issues, etc.