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Workshop: Hybrid Production Systems


Date: 2015-03-11

Type: Workshop

Venue: European Robotics Forum 2015 in Vienna, Austria







The sixth edition of the European Robotics Forum will take place in Vienna, Austria from the 11th till the 13th of March 2015. Within this context the workshop on “Hybrid Production Systems” will take place on March 11th (14:00-15:30 CET, Room 2).

This workshop presents a continuation of the “Hybrid production Systems” workshop that took place at the ERF 2014 and where research projects with the focus on Human-Robot-Collaboration were given the opportunity to present their objectives, approaches and use cases. 

In this year’s workshop, three newly started projects – which will join the workshop in the future – will be introduced, namely:

  • SYMBIO-TIC (Lihui Wang - KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
  • FourByThree (Iñaki Maurtua - Iñaki Maurtua)
  • Symplexity (Christoph Zymla - Fraunhofer IPT)

Further, first results from ongoing projects (FiaD, LIAA, ROBO-Partner and ReApp) will be presented.

The presentations will facilitate the continuation of the dialogue between the projects, as well as between the projects and the community about the methodologies, technologies and platforms used and the results developed. This shall facilitate the exploration of possible synergy effects between the projects and other on-going research / technology developments, standardization effort. Additionally the compatibility of the solutions developed by projects with regard to each other, as well to other technologies on the market will be discussed.

Ultimately, the workshop’s goal is to initiate activities with regard to developing a reference architecture for a hybrid production system, to identify synergies, collaboration fields, as well as research gaps to be addressed in next FoF calls.

To this end a timetable for developing this reference architecture will be presented and a mailing list for subscription by parties interested in contributing to this reference architecture will be announced.


Agenda of workshop:




Project Presentations


Discussion of architecture and agreement of next steps





  • “Hybrid Workplace Design - LIAA” (Ramez Awad, Fraunhofer IPA)
  • “Uniform capability description and reasoning for resources on the shop floor - ReApp” (Dr. Stefan Zander, FZI)
  • “Human robot interaction for programming of assembly tasks – ROBO-PARTNER” (Dr. George Michalos, LMS-University of Patras)
  • “Factory-in-a-day: wrap-up after year 1” (Dr. Emmanuel Dean, TU München)


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